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Do you know these two lost children? Please come get them from this woman – VIDEO

A woman in Nairobi is appealing to the family or anyone who knows two young boys she found lost at Mlango Kubwa area to come for them.

Grace Kanzia, who on Tuesday visited NTV with the young boys, said she found them on Saturday afternoon outside her house as she was doing laundry.

She says she found the two children crying and they have since been under her temporary care.

“When I was done cleaning, I asked them where they come from and they showed me the way. We walked together while asking people if they knew them,” said Ms Kanzia, who lives with her sister and seven children.

When no one recognized the, she reported the case to the area chief the same day and also at Pangani Police Station the following day with hopes of finding their parents.

But no one has come forward to claim them.


According to Ms Kanzia, it is not the first time she has rescued lost children.

“Even officers at Pangani Police Station know, whenever I go there they always ask me if I’ve come to report about missing children,” she said.

Ms Kanzia says that some parents are grateful when she returns the children while others are never.

She is now requesting anyone who knows the two boys to come for them at Mlango Kubwa Area One.

They should ask for Mama Joyce or Grace or alternatively call her on 0715586499.