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Rigathi Gachagua explains why Mt Kenya women are sleeping alone

Kenya’s Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua took a moment to explain why women in Mount Kenya region were spending nights alone.

Speaking on Friday, April 14, 2023, during a meeting with leaders from Mount Kenya region, the DP attributed this phenomenon to the high consumption of illicit brew among Central Kenya’s youth, and explained how women were complaining about this.

“Kumeharibika (Things are very bad). Every time I meet with women, the issues they tell me that they are facing leave me speechless. They tell me they voted in President William Ruto and myself; and that their children were perishing due to excessive alcohol consumption but we are quiet. I am also challenged as a leader for this country and from this region. When I see what is happening, I talk to parents, mothers and young wives. Our men are finished. Instead of sleeping on the bed, they are sleeping on the floor. The women are sleeping on the bed alone.

When you go to all our schools, the classrooms are empty. This ECD that governors keep funding is nonsense. There are no children because this ethanol comes mixed and finishes all the systems in our men. All the batteries are down. Even when charged, they cannot pick. So, our women are crying and that is the truth. You know many people don’t want to say the truth. I am a truthful man so I say the truth. It is a bad situation and this cannot happen,” said DP Gachagua.

He called on elected leaders in Mount Kenya to change their policies because their people will hold them accountable over how they dealt with the drug and alcohol menace in central Kenya.

According to an earlier Nation. Africa report, the National Registration Bureau conducted a survey in Central Kenya that found 12 out of 40 people in the Central region civil service were alcoholics. Central region topped the list of having the highest alcoholism rates in their research.

The Nation also found that many women in Muranga, Kirinyaga and Nyeri counties complained of cheap liquor in the region that had turned their men into useless people who could not participate in economic activities or sustain their conjugal needs. Apparently, contrary to the law, bars in these regions were opened as early as 5 am with loyal patrons already waiting to imbibe.

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