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Why Omosh’s parents missed his wedding to Akothee

Akothee’s husband Denis Schweizer aka Omosh has been making headlines since she introduced her to her social media fans.

On April 10, 2023, the mother of five said ‘I do’ to Omosh at a glamorous wedding at the Windsor Hotel in Nairobi, drawing the attention of the country, literally.

While much is known about the mom of five, many might not have an idea who her new hubby Mr Denis Schweizer is.

Akothee publicized her new boyfriend in 2022 after spending weeks in France.

She went ahead to nickname him Mister Omosh and opened a social media account for him.

Schweizer is now popularly known as Mr Omosh by his online Kenyan inlaws.

Apart from this, very little is known of him.

Well, in Akothee’s recent post, she briefly described her man’s family stating that they are private people.

According to Akothee, when she introduced him to Ida Odinga, the former prime Minister’s wife asked a lot about @misteromosh, including his background and family.

Akothee said she assured her that she had met his family however the family are not social media people.

Akothee said her husband’s family lives a very private quiet life.

She said that Denis’s mother was scared when she was introducing him to her fans.

Omosh’s parents did not fly to Kenya for the wedding.

In her post, Akothee also talked about losing a pregnancy at 10 weeks.

“When Omosh engaged me and set a date for my wedding Mama Ida was the first to get the news before anyone else. When I got pregnant at 6 weeks, I called her and told her. Mum, we are pregnant.

First, she laughed, then congratulated me.”

The mother of five has already announced the group will be traveling to Switzerland for her second wedding which will be held on 10th, July 2023.

The couple will have three weeks to make their union complete after their second wedding.

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