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Still loves her? Jimal gushes over Wangari Thiong’o

Businessman Jimal Roho Safi has gushed over his baby mama Wangari Thiong’o in an Instagram post while rubbishing claims of rekindling love with his ex-lover Amber Ray.

Though she has muted her comments section only allowing some people to comment, Wangari shared a photo of herself working on her laptop.

Jimal responded to the photo by saying, “My Queen,” to which Wangari shared a love emoji to the comment.

The post comes days after she posted herself with her daughter in a stroller and her fans pitifully encouraged her to dump Jimal as he was double-dealing her with Amber Ray, another of Jimal’s ex-girlfriends.

Ever since Amber Ray dumped her baby daddy Kennedy Rapudo, Jimal warmed up to the breakup linking up with Amber and even posting about it.

Speculations of whether they were back together started when Jimal sent out a ‘business proposal’ to Amber after she shared a video making an advertisement for a mobile money application.

“Now come and do one for huduma credit,” he said a day after the public announcement of their breakup.

“Lemme tell management to set up a meeting,” Amber responded.

This was just the beginning of their flirting. After it emerged that Amber was only attracted to men who own Range Rovers, Jimal got her a Range Rover that she bragged about- even going as far as calling him her blesser (married financial sponsor).

Not done, Jimal went ahead and claimed that he would have met with Amber Ray to ‘hit’ her baby’s head but couldn’t because Ramadhan was ongoing and he was fasting.

On April 8, 2023, Amber announced that she would be club hosting- with her possibly 8 months old pregnancy- in Eldoret, and as usual, Jimal could be found in her comment section.

“Ningekupeleka 😢 ni vile kesho niko na tournament huruma…(I would have accompanied you, it’s only that I have a tournament in Huruma tomorrow),” he said.

With his mission being unknown, Jimal then paraded photos of him and Amber on his Instagram account.

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