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Eight important lessons from Nairobi’s dating scene

Nairobi is a vibrant cosmopolitan city where everyone is on the move. The best thing about living here has to be the variety of experiences you are bound to enjoy.

The dating scene is particularly interesting. Here is a look into things you will only learn from dating in Nairobi;

1. Treatment of waiters is of utter importance – When you are dating in Nairobi, before a prospective partner thinks about how you look or how much cash you have, they pay attention to how well you treat waiters and waitresses. If you are wise, you will learn this one quite early on.

2. People really mean what they say – Perhaps because it is such a fast paced city, Nairobians hardly ever play games especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Whatever a love interest will say or text in Nairobi, they mean it.

3. It’s never a good idea to just date for the sake of it – This is the other thing about Nairobi. People date with an aim, not because they are bored. What this attitude teaches you is that there is so much going on out there that you can be a part of. Dating is not an avenue of killing boredom.

4. You should stop dishing out second chances – If you show a Nairobian your true side the first time, they believe you. There is never time wasted on second chances.

5. Online dating really is an option – It is only when you live in a city like Nairobi that you will realize that there is nothing wrong with shunning the good old traditional way of dating. When you barely have time to eat lunch, you learn to appreciate the convenience of online dating.

6. You don’t have to lower your expectations – It is only when you have met all the types of potential mates out there, mates like the ones that Nairobi has to offer, that you will be able to appreciate how further up the food chain you can date. You will learn that your standards can never be too high.

7. You shouldn’t try to force pieces to fit together – In Nairobi, a potential date is either it or they are not. People do not waste time to try and force things that seem like they don’t fit together. This attitude sure does save Nairobians lots of time as well as heartbreaks.

8. It’s never that serious – There is a way that people in Nairobi never lay all their cards on the table. Even when they fall in love, it is with one foot out the door. This is perhaps why they do not obsess over break ups or even other life failures. They simply dust themselves off and look for other experiences.