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Eight libido boosting tips for new mothers

The birth of a new baby usually brings with it a lot of joy. There are however parts of a new mother’s life that can be negatively affected by child birth. Like her sex life. Here is a look into ways that a new mother can boost her sex life;

1. Try aphrodisiacs – If you start feeling sluggish in the bedroom after you have just had a baby, it is wise idea to try some aphrodisiac foods. The great news is that most of these foods are found right in your kitchen. You can try eating chocolate, almonds or chili peppers.

2. Get moving – Try getting some sort of exercise. Exercising will boost blood flow in the body. A better flow of blood leads to a better sex life. Exercising can be as easy as brisk walking for a few minutes every day.

3. Reconnect with him – Often times, it happens that after child birth, women forget all about their men and shift all the focus on their babies. This definitely kills libido for both the man and the woman. Try reconnecting with your man. Remember the man he is and the relationship the two of you had before the baby came.

4. Just do it – Once a baby comes into the picture, the common reaction for couples is to begin scheduling everything, including sex. This can make sex less exciting for both the man and the woman. Try having spontaneous sex.

5. Stop comparing your body – The truth is that when you have your baby, your body changes. Even when you lose weight, it is hard to go back to your pre-pregnancy body. To get your sexy back, you need to accept the body that you have now.

6. Buy new undies – Yes, you will be surprised at how much change a few pairs of new under wear can bring in your sex life. This is how it works, a new pair of sexy under wear will make you feel sexy. It is also a good way of sending messages to your partner that you are interested.

7. Don’t stress – The more you stress over your sex life, the harder it is likely to get. It may not be as good as it was before but it is okay to cut yourself some slack.

8. Sleep – Lack of sleep is a major blow to a woman’s libido after child birth. To get your sexy back, try and catch some sleep. If child care is talking up all of your time, ask for help. Getting enough sleep will leave you feeling well rested and refreshed.