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Elsa Majimbo exposes stalker on social media

Internet sensation and media personality Elsa Majimbo has exposed an unidentified man for stalking her.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter) Elsa called out and warned the man in question to stop with the stalking. The Kenyan personality also revealed the ethnicity of the man who was following her through the streets of Los Angles as well as revealing the type of car he was driving and his number plate.

“If you are an Arab man that owns a black G-Wagon plate 9CPK699 please stop stalking and following me on the street, thank you!”, the media personality shared in a tweet.

This horrific encounter comes days after the social media influencer attended a star-studded Black Excellence Brunch with the likes of musician Kelly Rowland.

Majimbo’s star reached it’s peak during the Covid-19 era. She has now morphed into more than just producing bite-sized comedic videos for Tiktok and now does modelling for high-end fashion houses and has a short documentary about her as well.

Celebrity stalkers are a common nuisance in Hollywood and it has become a culture and a common threat in Hollywood and while many find it amusing, it’s actually very frightening, especially when your safety is compromised and questioned.

And when you’re a celeb the chances of getting stalked by your “fans” notably increases.

In 2012 Justin Bieber’s obsessed fan plot an elaborate plan to murder the musician. Actress and musician Selena Gomez was also a victim of stalking when a 20-year-old man trespassed into her property in California.

Country music singer Taylor Swift was also stalked by a man who threatened her multiple times on social media. In June this year the NY post, reported that the stalker also threatened Taylor with a bomb.

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