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Embu widow publicly protests against ‘government official who cut off access to her home’

A 73-year-old widow in Embu has publicly protested against a government official who blocked access to her home.

In her protest letter in the Daily Nation addressed to Embu Governor Cecily Mbarire, Zainabu Ramadhan Njoka says an official in her administration had built a wall at the entrance to her house at Dallas Estate in Kirimaru Ward.

According to Ms Njoka, she has been unable to access her property after the official built a wall that permanently blocked her access.

“Your Excellency, my name is Zainabu Ramadhan Njoka, 73 years old, a widow and owner of plot number Gaturi/Githimu/2487, a freehold property in Dallas Estate, Kirimari Ward-Embu County. Your Excellency, the entrance to my house is now permanently blocked after someone in your government saw fit to fence off the road in front of my house and erect a permanent building (hall) on it,” she wrote.

According to Njoka, the road in question was carved out when her family’s land was subdivided more than five decades ago.

Since then, she said, she has always used the road to access her house and it has been marked as a public access road on the Registry Index Map (RIM) until today.

She lamented that she had to seek help from neighbours to access her own property where she is spending her retirement after the official blocked direct access to the property.

Njoka said it was unfair that she was forced to use all possible alternatives to gain access to her home, while the masterminds and perpetrators of the plan to bar her from her home enjoyed unrestricted access to their homes.

“Your Excellency, while I am forced to beg for passage through my neighbour’s property to reach my house on my sunset days, the planners and executors of this act of impunity are enjoying unrestricted access to their homes.”

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