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Epra boss Pavel Oimeke arrested for allegedly receiving bribe

By Mary Wambui December 11th, 2020 1 min read

Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) Director-General Pavel Oimeke spent Thursday night at the Integrity Centre’s basement cells after allegedly receiving a Sh200,000 bribe to approve the opening of a fuel station in Oyugis.

EACC head of communications Mr Philip Kagucia has confirmed that the suspect was arrested by EACC detectives earlier Thursday after receiving the money from an employee of the Oyugis-based fuel station.

Earlier, the employee had sought Mr Oimeke’s help in having the facility re-opened. The petrol station had been closed after it was found to be in possession of super export petrol.

After settling a Kenya Revenue Authority dispute by paying a Sh309,842 fine, the station obtained the taxman’s clearance letter.

“Today however, a team of investigators accompanied the complainant to EPRA headquarters with the treated Sh200,000 that was demanded,” a police report indicated.

The report added that the complainant then handed over the bribe at Mr Oimeke’s office and was issued with the approval letter leading to his arrest by EACC detectives.