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ER wa Safaricom: The guy behind funny Safaricom replies on social media – VIDEO

When it comes to customer care responses online, Safaricom have definitely made a name for themselves.

Screenshots of their online responses have been shared widely and generated so much buzz. Netizens don’t even believe that they are genuine texts from the company’s customer care department.

Nairobi News tracked down one of Safaricom’s funniest customer care agents. His tweets often sign off with the initials ER. He is so famous that some clients actually insist on being served by “ER”.

He said: “For those who think that it’s a robot, well here is ER in flesh. I’ve always loved social media so I really enjoy making a career out of it.”


“I often answer about 120 to 150 queries per day, the platform may be different, but it’s still customer care. Clients call us because they are frustrated, but beyond sorting their problems, a little humour helps ease things.”

ER has been doing online customer care for more than seven years now. He decided to add humour to his replies so that customers can feel that personal touch.

“Robotic responses are impersonal,” he said.

“I decided to add a little fun to it to make it more exciting for me and to make the customer realize that they are actually talking to a real person on the other side of the computer.”

Below are a few of his replies:

When they trolled a user and Wavinya Ndeti






When he wanted to ‘slice’ someone


Zero chills