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Ethic entertainment makes resounding comeback with new track ‘Amigos’

After a notable hiatus from the music scene, the renowned Gengetone group, Ethic Entertainment, has returned with a bang.

Their latest track, Amigos, is setting the airwaves on fire, reigniting the fervor of fans across the nation.

Known for their groundbreaking contributions to Kenyan music, Ethic Entertainment’s comeback track marks a significant moment in their career.

Amigos not only signals their return but also showcases their growth and evolution as artistes, while staying true to the unique style that has earned them global acclaim.

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Capturing the essence of daily camaraderie and social interactions, Amigos delves into the shared experiences and dynamics among friends and colleagues.

Produced by the acclaimed Nigerian producer, Wondamagik, the track boasts infectious beats and catchy melodies that promise to dominate the charts.

“We’re thrilled to be back and sharing our new music with our fans. This track is a testament to our journey and the unwavering support of our loyal fans. Amigos is just the beginning of what’s to come from Ethic Entertainment,” says Dennis, the group’s manager.

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As pioneers of the Gengetone movement, Ethic Entertainment continues to push boundaries and redefine the sound of Kenyan music.

With Amigos, they invite listeners to join them on a journey filled with energy, creativity, and the unmistakable spirit of Gengetone.

Ethic Entertainment, that comprises four male members – Rekless, Swat, Seska, and Zilla – emerged as one of the biggest music crews in Kenya in 2019. However, the group’s success was short-lived.

In a recent interview with Buzz Central, Ethic’s manager, Allen Igatanyi, shed light on the reasons behind the crew’s breakup after releasing only a few songs.

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According to Igatanyi, Ethic Entertainment faced internal issues that ultimately led to their disbandment.

“They had personal issues and lacked consistent agreements. It’s like in football, where the goalkeeper is the key person in the team. If the goalkeeper is not there, you will not score any goals. I was the coach,” Igatanyi explained.

Igatanyi revealed that when Rekless decided to pursue a solo career, it became challenging for the other members to continue as a group.

“The one who was the most likable person, the one who had the numbers, was Swat. However, when fame got to his head, he started losing track. Then Rekless took over and decided to go solo. Without the group leaders, the rest of the members could not continue,” Igatanyi said.

“Rekless was very mature, to the point that managing him became difficult since he was even older than me,” Igatanyi further said.