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EXCLUSIVE: Colonel Mustafa – I regret misusing my money with slay queens

Singer Colonel Mustafa has conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to his fans for their overwhelming support and generosity.

Unlike many celebrities who receive recognition and tributes posthumously, Mustafa has been honoured while still alive, a gesture that has deeply touched him.

Over the past few weeks, Mustafa’s fans rallied together after his plight was shared online, raising a substantial sum of money to assist him.

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In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Mustafa expressed his gratitude to his fans, acknowledging their significant contribution to his journey.

“I am profoundly grateful to my fans for bestowing this honour upon me while I am still alive. It brings me immense joy to receive this kind of recognition. I will forever remember how my fans uplifted me,” he said.

Once hailed as a prominent figure in the music industry, Colonel Mustafa captivated audiences with his charismatic personality, melodious tunes, and energetic performances, garnering a devoted fan base.

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However, he admitted to certain regrets, acknowledging that he had misused his wealth on frivolous pursuits such as slay queens and alcohol.

Reflecting on his past, Mustafa emphasized personal growth and maturity.

“I was young and reckless when I had money. Now, I am older and wiser. I assure my fans that the funds they have contributed will be put to good use, especially towards my mother’s health.”

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Asked about his former relationship with Noti Flow, Mustafa said he is focused on his current endeavors, indicating that he prefers not to dwell on the past.

Mustafa’s close-knit group of friends have successfully raised more than Sh1 million to assist him during his challenging times.

Colonel Mustafa also offered valuable advice to young artistes and performers, encouraging them to start saving early.

He emphasized the importance of financial preparedness and responsible money management, learning from his own past experiences.