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Exclusive: Dr Ofweneke: Why I don’t call Nicah my ‘baby mama’

Comedian Sande Bush, better known by his stage name Dr Ofweneke, and gospel singer Nicah The Queen have two children together.

Although their marriage failed, the comedian and the singer are good people who have made co-parenting easy for each other.

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, the popular MC said he does not recognise Nicah as his baby mama.

According to Ofweneke, the title sounds very mean to him, so he prefers to call her “the mother of his children”.

Ofweneke was responding to a question about whether he is on the gospel reality show where Nicah is one of the main cast members.

He said he had watched the show and was proud of what Nicah had done.

“I have watched the show but I can’t say much about it. The mother of my children is in the main cast of the show and I am happy for her.”

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Ofweneke added that he would give her all the support she needed from him.

“With a lot of respect, she is good at what she does and when the camera is on her, she gets into the action. She will do well on the show,” he said.

In one of the episodes of the reality show, Nicah is seen being chastised by her fellow musicians for what they see as indecent dressing.

She condemned the cast for criticising her dress code by sharing a photo of herself in a black dress and a thigh-high cut showing part of her thick legs.

She said: “I am a born-again Christian and the Holy Spirit is at work in my life. How does the way I dress affect my relationship with God? Some people need to stop acting like they are the gatekeepers of heaven!

She added, “Hii ni wivu hawa wamama wako nayo! Waniwachane, please! (This is pure jealousy these women have. they should let me be!) How can you invite me to dinner to be attacked?”

Oh Sister follows the lives of YouTube content creator Milly wa Jesus, gospel pastor and singer Size-8 Reborn, artist Nicah the Queen, hitmaker Lady Bee and businesswoman Pricilla Ndanu as they navigate the ups and downs of their careers and personal lives.

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