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EXCLUSIVE: Gaucho responds to Nuru Okang’a’s social media attack

Prominent activist Calvince Okoth, also known as Gaucho, has responded to a video in which his friend turned foe Nuru Okang’a is seen and heard publicly criticizing him for ‘abandoning’ the Azimio coalition and its leader Raila Odinga.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Gaucho, who recently launched the Ghetto Revolution movement, clarified that he holds no personal animosity towards Okang’a.

“We are not in the same class. Our politics and approaches differ significantly,” stated Gaucho, who has played a pivotal role in the opposition led anti-government protests.

On July 2, 2023, Okang’a posted a video on his YouTube page, launching a tirade against Gaucho and issuing threats.

The video touched on various aspects, including comparisons of their respective political influence and allegations of Gaucho’s involvement in orchestrating attacks.

“If you were the most popular ghetto president, your Jeevanjee Gardens bunge would have been the one that is renowned. You said you joined politics a long time ago and I am yet to even be a year old in politics. Look at how Jacaranda is a threat. It is threatening even Ruto because of me, Okanga. What have you even built in Jeevanjee? You working with goons is what has made the Jeevanjee bunge split. You are given money, you collect goons and you destroy everything. It was shut down because of you. And then you come to Jacaranda? We will not allow Jacaranda to be shut down because of you!” Mr Okanga told Mr Gaucho.

Responding to these claims, Gaucho shared an audio call between himself and Okang’a, where they discussed their political differences.

Gaucho clarified that Okang’a’s video was an attempt to gain social media views and likes, albeit with false information for political mileage.

“He was just trying to get views and likes on social media. However, he used false information to get political mileage. So far, I hold nothing against him.” Gaucho added.

Gaucho asserted that he does not hold any grudges against Okang’a.

In the video, Okang’a alleged that Gaucho and his associates claimed Azimio had sent individuals to attack them, citing a recent incident where Okang’a was attacked on his way to an Azimio rally in Kamukunji. Gaucho, however, made it clear that he cannot plan or execute such attacks and reiterated that he himself had been a victim of an assault by unknown assailants.

Both Gaucho and Okang’a have been vocal figures since the 2022 polls, expressing their views and engaging in political activities that reflect their distinct ideologies.

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