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EXCLUSIVE: Gaucho shares ‘back to school’ plans

Although he initially dropped out of school in class six back in 2002, self proclaimed Bunge la Mwananchi (People’s Parliament) president Calvince Okoth aka Gaucho never gave up on his education.

While interviewing him, I realized he is someone who is ready to learn and attack life positively.

“The tough village life pushed me to drop-out of school in class six. I never saw myself furthering my studies but I thank God I completed my form Four early this year. I am even planning to further my studies,” Gaucho told Nairobi News.

Being the first born in a family of five, Gaucho reveals that when his parents died, he was left with his grandparents.

“Life in the village (Rongo, Migori County), was tough and I decided to cast my nets. I travelled to Nairobi and that was the end of my education. I was hustling here and there and had no time to go back to school.”

He then enrolled at the Gumbaru School in Nairobi, which offers Adult Education.

Currently, the vocal aspiring politician is planning to enroll for language classes to perfect his speech.

“My English is not fluent. I am borrowing words here and there. This is why I want to perfect my language.”

He also revealed that he has received a letter from the diaspora to be equipped on youth leadership, which he says will groom him politically.

“I don’t want to embarrass myself in the diaspora. This is why I want to enroll in language classes,” Gaucho told Nairobi News.

Apart from that, Gaucho is also a graduate from Diguna Discipleship Training College in Nairobi.

“I went there because I wanted to be a good boy. I was tired of colliding with the police every time. I went there for one year and from there was a transformed boy.”

Gaucho, who has been in the frontline during Azimio la Umoja One Kenya anti-government protest aimed at lowering the cost of living in the country, became popular after the August 9,2022 General Election.

His educational background was unknown until this interview.

He has become a popular person owing to his speeches, most of which are critical to President William Ruto’s leadership.

His views have led him to be arrested, placed behind bars and paraded in court on a number of occasions.

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