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EXCLUSIVE: How Prince Otach plans to entertain British audience with Kenyan comedy

United Kingdom-based Kenyan promoter Prince Otach is set to host the first-ever Kenyan comedy show in London on September 2, 2023, at the Royal Regency Hotel.

Top Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones is set to headline the afterparty of the comedy show which will feature top names such as YY Comedian, Professor Hamo, Teacher Wanjiku, and Jemutai. Early bird tickets are retailing for £30 (Sh 5,600) before the price will increase to £60 (Sh 11,000) as the event date approaches.

Prof Hamo is joined on the stage by his father and mother during a past edition of the Churchill Show. Prof Hamo's father passed away on Wednesday. PHOTO | COURTESY
Prof Hamo is joined on the stage by his father and mother during a past edition of the Churchill Show. Prof Hamo’s father passed away on Wednesday. PHOTO | COURTESY

Nairobi News caught up with Prince Otach, the head of the Kenyans in the United Kingdom association, in an exclusive conversation, seeking to know what inspired him to plan for the comedy show in London and what he hopes to achieve in promoting the Kenyan culture in the United Kingdom.

NN: What inspired you to organize a comedy show in the UK?

Prince Otach: I was inspired by a desire to create a platform for sharing laughter across different backgrounds. I am trying to foster a deeper understanding between the two cultures and offer a fresh perspective on humor and bridging the gap between Kenya and the UK through laughter and entertainment.

NN: How will you navigate to ensure the blending Kenya’s cultural experiences with humor that resonates in the United Kingdom?

Prince Otach: Blending Kenya’s cultural experiences with UK humor will involve finding common themes, values or relatable situations that bridge the two cultures. Ensuring that there is an incorporation of Kenyan anecdotes, traditions or perspectives into humorous contexts that resonate with UK audiences will create a unique and engaging fusion. However, I will also ensure that there will be sensitivity to cultural nuances and the avoidance of stereotypes to ensure a respectful and enjoyable blend of humor.

NN: How will you ensure the language barriers are overcome by the invited artistes incase there will be non-Kenyans in the audience?

Prince Otach: I am hoping our comedians can provide brief context or explanations before delivering jokes that rely heavily on cultural references. This might help the audience understand the background and humor.

NN: As the organizer, how will you ensure that the comedy show is inclusive and appealing to both immigrants and locals?

Prince Otach: We have selected comedians that represent a variety of backgrounds including both Kenyan immigrants and local UK comedians. This mix will offer a range of perspectives and humor styles that resonate with different audience members.

NN: Are there any challenges you foresee in adapting Kenyan comedy for the British audience?

Prince Otach: Kenyan comedians might use local dialects or slang that the British audience or even Kenyan residents in the UK may not understand. Striking a balance between authenticity and accessibility is key. Another challenge is sensitivity to themes. Some themes that are humorous in Kenyan culture could be insensitive or controversial in Britain. It will be important for the visiting comedians to navigate these differences carefully to avoid offense.

NN: Beyond this comedy show, do you have any plans to further promote cultural exchange and understanding through Kenyan comedic talent in the UK?

Prince Otach: We are just testing the waters. The plan is to organize more comedy shows featuring Kenyan comedians at various venues across the UK. This will enable us to reach a wider audience and foster cultural collaborations between Kenyan comedians and local UK comedians in order to create content that merges both cultures’ humor and perspectives.

The 10 hours, 30 minutes event will begin from 6pm and end at 3:30 am. The comedy show and the afterparty will be held at the same venue.

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