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EXCLUSIVE – Njugush: Why I turned down Kiss FM job offer

Comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush has explained why he refused to accept a job offer from Kiss FM.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, the popular content creator said some of his terms did not go as per what Radio Africa Group wanted.

Njugush revealed that the media house approached him with the offer in 2022.

“There was that time in 2022 Kiss FM wanted to hire me but it didn’t work out. There was that suggestion but the particular segment didn’t work out because of a few issues. Majorly it was because of time,” Njugush explained.

However, Njugush did not reveal the fine details of the show he was approached to host.

The Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) alumnae said radio has always been his first love sine his days in college.

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“I love radio very much. The main problem is the time they wanted me for the show,” he said.

Njugush explained that as a freelance content creator, it is hard to plan his time as sometimes he is needed to travel for even a week or more.

“If you are on radio, you will just let the opportunity pass yet those people won’t understand that you are on radio.”

Njugush says given a good amount of money, he would forego such opportunities and commit to work on radio.

“As freelancers, any job counts and they are not regular,” he said.

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The comedian is still hopeful that one day he will work on radio.

“It could be in a big or even the smallest radio station but I will make it there. Soon, you might hear me on a radio near you,” he said.

Njugush is also promoting his upcoming show, Through Thick and Thin TTNT4, is a stand up comedy special featuring Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye. It is in its fourth season after being established in 2020.

Kiss FM is yet to announce the new co-host that will replace comedian Oga Obinna who left the station last week after one year.

Obinna joined Kiss FM after Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwour aka Jalang’o exited the media industry for politics in February last year.

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