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EXCLUSIVE – Pastor Ng’ang’a: Don’t come to my church unless you know me!

Neno Evangelism Center founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a has added his voice to the ongoing debate about churches and cults.

The popular man of God exclusively told Nairobi News that these are the last days that are prophesied in the Bible.

This comes at a time when Malindi cult leader, Paul Mackenzie, has been trending for allegedly brainwashing his followers and congregants by instructing them to starve themselves to death in order to ‘meet Jesus’.

Authorities have recovered more than 80 bodies by April 25, 2023 with President William Ruto describing the event as a massacre.

But in Pastor’s Ng’ang’a’s opinion, religion is a personal decision and people have the right to chose where to worship.

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He acknowledged the existence of cults which he said come in the name of serving Jesus.

“Such will pretend trying to confuse people but at the end of it all, God cannot be defeated. He is a forgiving God, a loving God, a patience God and a very generous God,” the clergyman said.

He said although people describes him as a controversial man of God, his life is like an open book.

“If you want to come to my church, ensure you have investigated and researched who I am. Don’t just follow the wave and regret.”

Pastor Ng’ang’a is currently in the US where he is planning to establish a church.

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He also mentioned that he plans to fully relocate with his family to the US as his wife, Mercy Murugi, gave birth there recently. He says that will be his legacy.

“I want people to remember me as an African who brought the word of God in this country. In most cases, white people bring Christianity to us but my wish is that I successfully open a church here to save the people’s lives,” he said.

Pastor Ng’ang’a recently revealed plans to sell off his four-star Newstead Hotel, previously known as Sunny Hill Hotel, along Nakuru-Nairobi road. He said several people has made an offer and they are still in talks.

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