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Exclusive – Why Eric Omondi has stopped cross-dressing

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 14th, 2023 2 min read

Celebrated comedian-turned-philanthropist, Eric Omondi, has announced that he will no longer be pursuing his comedic cross-dressing persona.

This decision, he revealed in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, marks a significant shift as he embarks on a new chapter dedicated to serving needy Kenyans.

“I stopped cross-dressing until further notice. What I am doing right now involves women, children, and more, so it will be hard to see that character,” Eric stated emphatically.

“Also, I am meeting very influential people who can’t allow me to dress like that. Right now, there is a very big list of children in Kilifi that can’t afford school fees, and I am looking for ways to help them,” he said.

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For over 15 years, Eric has entertained audiences with his cross-dressing persona, often garnering laughter and applause for his comedic talents.

However, he emphasized his commitment to this new chapter of philanthropy, expressing his dedication to helping those in need.

“I will donate all my clothes and keep some for future use. I will be doing more charity work, and the fact that Kenyans have supported me, I am now ready to give back to society. There is so much they have done for me,” the comedian said.

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“I felt selfish, and that is why I am now willing to serve Kenyans. Right now, my focus is on helping Kenyans through whichever means that is possible,” he explained.

While Eric’s decision to end his cross-dressing persona comes as a surprise to many, he urged his fans and the public to prepare for more changes in his career trajectory.

“I feel like they need to get ready because they are not ready,” he cautioned.

The comedian has been subjected to heavy criticism for unveiling a female alter ego, often seen in videos wearing wigs and skimpy dresses.