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Theatre actor Alliwah David shares insights into mentoring MP Jalang’o

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 14th, 2023 2 min read

Renowned theatre actor Alliwah David opened up about his experiences mentoring up-and-coming talents who have since risen to prominence in the entertainment industry.

Among the luminaries he has mentored is Member of Parliament Jalang’o, whom he vividly recalled working with during their early days.

“When we first met, he was fresh from Homabay,” reminisced Alliwah David, the celebrated actor known for his role in the iconic Kenyan TV series Vioja Mahakamani.

“He used to walk from Mwiki to our rehearsal place in Uhuru Park every day.”

The journey from Homabay to the heart of Nairobi is no small feat, and Jalang’o’s dedication was evident from the outset.

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His commitment to honing his craft was unmatched, as he attended rehearsals diligently and took the initiative to memorize everyone’s lines, a testament to his exceptional work ethic.

Alliwah also described Jalang’o as a very philanthropic leader.

“He has a bigger heart and is always willing to help people,” added Alliwah David.

Alliwah’s mentorship extended beyond the stage, as he and Jalang’o shared a remarkable bond that transcended their professional lives.

“At some point, I stayed with him in the slums of Mugumoini,” Alliwah disclosed.

“He was a very creative person and he would also memorise everyone’s lines. Jalang’o was also very disciplined and very hyped. He used to say great things about himself, and he also believed in himself. It is very good to have him as my MP.”

In October 2022, Alliwah David received the prestigious Head of State Commendation (HSC) award from President William Ruto, recognizing his invaluable contributions to the arts and culture sphere.

“I feel like a Shujaa,” Alliwah said.

“At my age, I feel it is an honor to be recognized for my work as a creative. The prestige of it elevates my name from being called a mister.”

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