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Exclusive: Why I plan to trademark ‘Mkurugenzi’ – Abel Mutua

Renowned Kenyan actor, scriptwriter, and content creator Abel Mutua has announced his intentions to trademark his alias name ‘Mkurugenzi (Director).’

The multifaceted talent, known for his impactful storytelling and creative productions, aims to protect the name from potential misuse.

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, Abel Mutua shared the amusing origin of the alias ‘Mkurugenzi’ and the unexpected way it became part of his public persona.

“It is such a funny story of how I came up with the name, Mkurugenzi. I had not planned on calling myself that way. One day, I was sharing stories on my YouTube channel and I randomly called people ‘Wakurugenzi’ as I went on with the story. After the episode’s release, people were excited about me calling them ‘Wakurugenzi.’ The name stuck, and in the following episodes, I started calling my fans Wakurugenzi,” explained Mutua.

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When asked about his decision to trademark the name, he confirmed:

“I am in the process of trademarking it. There will be a few areas where it will not be used, like anything entertainment, adverts, and so on.”

Abel Mutua shared this insight during the launch of Phil-production’s comedy film titled “Haki Mwitu” set to premiere on Maisha Magic’s GoTV on February 9 at 8:30 pm.

“Haki Mwitu’s story revolves around four individuals failed by the system despite following the right channels. In response, they decide to become the solution to societal issues in ways they believe they can do better,” described Mutua.

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Reflecting on the accomplishments of 2023, Mutua highlighted his daughter Mumbua’s academic success in class 8 and a successful show with over 2500 attendees.

Looking ahead, he shared exciting plans for 2024, including the release of a movie in the pipeline, expressing hope for its success, similar to his previous project, ‘Click Bang.’

“We are planning to release a movie in 2024. It is in the pipeline and we hope it will be successful like Click bang’.”