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Ezekiel Mutua blasts the youth for their nonsensical ‘Hi’ messages

If you are thinking about writing a direct message to the Music Copyright Society of Kenya’s CEO Ezekiel Mutua, then you need to be direct and straight to the point.

Dr Mutua took to social media to warn people from just sending him a ‘Hi’ text with no other information.

Not completing the message he says is a clear indication of poor communication skills and emotional intelligence.

“Young people out there, please work on your communication skills and emotional intelligence. Do not write to your seniors or people you look up to such nonsense as “Hi” without completing the message. So you want someone to write back “Hi” then what?” Dr Mutua said.

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However, a section of Kenyans on Twitter felt Dr Mutua was being harsh.

“There is always room for improvement. Stop being too hard on young people. Some of you have those positions not just because of merit but political. Be humble and let your work speak for you,” @onsongo_ondieki said.

“Hi without any message thereafter means, they are trying to get your attention first, then they can muster up the courage to say their bit. Unconventional but, its how they communicate. Probably they are about to ask for something. Just drop down a notch if you want to understand,” @C_Wanderi wrote.

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“I believe you should have put it differently- anyone next time you glide into someone’s inbox or DM, introduce yourself PROPERLY, say what your connection is & why you are writing – all in the first text. Don’t waste their time & give them unnecessary anxiety,” @mozzdeff tweeted.

“Do not be harsh on this young one Daktari. Teach them politely,” @ChogeBen said.

“Hi, is a pick up line. Wacha nani. Hii ndo ubaya ya wazeeka mapema,” @EnochNyaruri said.

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“The new age communication channels don’t need such rigidity, change or change will change you,” @okinyi_rolex said.

Dr Mutua earned his no-nonsense reputation when he was the CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB).

He would lock heads with artistes over unclean content on their songs and music videos.