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Family members recall final tragic moments in crash that killed 19

Five family members narrowly escaped death in an accident that left 19 people dead at Mbaruk near Gilgil along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

A woman, her two children, her sister and her six-year-old grandson were among the survivors of the accident involving a Busia-bound bus and two trucks.

The family was on its way to Busia for the burial of their relative.


Ms Selina Auma and her children Mr Ronald Mikae and Ms Edisa Malemo suffered slight injuries and were treated and discharged while the grandson escaped unhurt.

Her sister Ms Alectina Auma suffered broken bones on her right shoulder blade.

The doctor in charge of St Mary’s Mission Hospital, Mr Shadrack Musau, told the Sunday Nation that the woman’s condition was stable.

“I thank God for saving us from the jaws of death since it is not by chance that we are all alive yet so many people have died,” said Ms Selina.

For Ms Malemo, a faint blood stain on her son’s shirt was the only link to the gruesome accident. She said it was a miracle that her son was not hurt.


“We were sitting two rows from the back of the bus. I cannot believe that everyone behind us died,” she said.

According to her, trouble started at the booking office when they noticed the size of the bus was smaller than the normal ones they were used to.

Ms Malemo said the trip was delayed for more than an hour without communication from the bus management or the drivers.

“When we finally left the station, there were two women sitting behind us who kept yelling at the driver asking him to slow down. The driver slowed down for a few minutes and once the noise subsided, he would speed again,” said Ms Malemo.