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Family of Kenyan woman who drowned in Canada deny Sonko claims

The family of a Canadian based Kenyan woman who recently met her tragic death while swimming inside a pool and recording herself live on Facebook has dismissed claims that she predicted her own death.

The claims were made by among other, controversial politician Mike Sonko.

According to John Nyabuto, the deceased’s father, his daughter Ms Hellen Wendy Nyabuto was doing well in Canada and had not predicted her death.

He dismissed a WhatsApp screenshot that made rounds on social media in which the lady is captured to have said that she would not be coming to Kenya and that if she was to die then she could just pass on while in Canada where she was residing with her lover.

“I hear some people claim that she had said on WhatsApp that she would soon die in Canada. That is a lie and as a family she never told us anything of that sort. She was also lively and very jovial and had never shared that she was in any kind of trouble,” Mr Nyabuto who lives in Getare, Bomachoge Chache in Kisii County said.

He said that he had been informed by the Canadian authorities that his daughter had been rushed to hospital without informing him why she had been admitted.

Mr Nyabuto said that a friend then sent him a link to the video which captured his daughter’s last moments.

According to him, his daughter left Kenya in December 2019 after she secured a study visa which was to last for ten years.

In the video, the nurse whose Facebook details indicate that she resides in Toronto Ontario reached out to the people before she began swimming but unfortunately passed on ten minutes while inside the pool.

“Nimetoka job, I am feeling good. It is 2 o’clock here,” she said, seconds after the live video started.

She was dressed in a swimsuit with many colors.

According to the timing of the video, Ms Wendy jumped into the pool at 5:45 and started swimming as the phone camera rolled.

She went on swimming as she held her head below the waters before getting back to the phone and reading comments from her followers on Facebook.

Ms Wendy did that continuously but in the tenth minute she went towards the deep end of the pool never to come back.

The lady at the 10:33 minute of the video is heard screaming as she starts gasping for air. This went on and one could hear gurgling sounds.

From the position where she was she could be heard screaming but no-one was near the pool to save the nurse.

All went silent at 11:55 when she was heard making a sound and the waters calmed down.

The video went on rolling for 3 hours and some minutes until the 3:09 hour mark when a man was seen approaching the pool and he was joined by another man who questioned the first one why he was fixedly looking into the pool.

The first man then answered that he had thought that it was a poodle or something.

The other man then further questioned the first one “what if it is actually someone dead?”

It is then that he walked round the pool and confirmed that indeed it was a body of a woman lying deep down in the waters.

They then decided to reach out to the management of the pool.