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Father duties: BenSoul joins baby mama to celebrate daughter’s first birthday

Sol Generation’s signee Bensoul has publicly shared a photo of his daughter for the very first time.

The artist, alongside his baby mama, Tiffany Muikamba, came together to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday.

Expressing their joy and gratitude, the proud parents shared heartfelt birthday wishes for their beloved toddler.

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Tiffany Muikamba took to Instagram to convey her appreciation.

“Dear God, thank you for my little bundle of joy. Seeing her turn one is a real joy. Thank you for taking care of us and always having our backs. Long live our little family.”

The shared images captured the heartwarming bond between Bensoul and their daughter, portraying a picture of love and togetherness.

Tiffany Muikamba welcomed their daughter with singer Bensoul in September 2022.

At that time, she shared a touching photo of the newborn, holding her tiny hand, and showered her with affectionate praises in the caption.

The journey of Tiffany and Bensoul began when they crossed paths at the 2021 Oktobafest.

Despite initial speculations and curiosity surrounding their relationship, Tiffany clarified that their baby was not the result of a one-time encounter.

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She emphasized that their child was a product of a meaningful and genuine connection that had developed between them.

At the time, BenSoul was in a relationship with Noni Gathoni until April of this year, when he confirmed parting ways with her.

The singer acknowledged that relationships sometimes reach a point where working things out becomes impossible.

However, he made it clear that he and Gathoni remained on good terms, describing themselves as friends who continued to support each other.

Regarding the reason for their breakup, Bensoul stated that it was a part of life’s journey.

He clarified that the decision had nothing to do with any baby mama issues, as had been rumored.

“It’s not about baby mama issues; we had already resolved those. Everything was good. She was supportive and all those things. These are just life issues,” he explained.

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