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Here are five ways to identify a sponsee

Young women whose high-end living is funded by wealthy men have very distinct characteristics. For some their flashy lifestyles often gives them away, although others have a way of masking themselves, making it quite had to tell.

So here are some of the characteristics of sponsees:

1. Always travelling
Sponsees almost live in airplanes, they are always travelling from one country to the other mostly on vacation. They might disguise some of their trips as business tours but be sure to see them staying in very expensive hotels and filling up your Instagram timeline.

2. They can’t exhaust their wardrobe
Waiting to see a sponsee with the same outfit twice is like waiting to see a one-colored chameleon. These lasses have thousands of clothes and shoes to a point of actually forgetting that some exist. Their wardrobes sometimes have outfits that have never been worn.

3. Always in parties
If they are not out partying or attending an event, they are hosting some friends over expensive drinks. Sponsees never stay without partying, don’t be shocked if they have been to all clubs in the country.

4. Live in the suburbs
Sponsees often live in rented apartments in leafy suburbs where they rarely spend a night or even day. Their homes with exquisite interiors play host to their friends during the few days they are not away partying.

5. Have no real job
Sponsees mostly have no day jobs. They spend their time travelling and hanging out with the sponsor when duty calls. They are always using business talk to convince their friends they are funding their expensive lifestyle and need to travel often for business.