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Former ‘Churchill Show’ comedian owns up to borrowing heavily to survive in US

Former ‘Churchill Show‘ comedian David Kagongo, popularly known as David The Student, has owned up to claims of borrowing heavily to sustain himself in the United States.

The comedian, who relocated to the US a few months ago in search of greener pastures, has been accused by Kenyans in the diaspora of soliciting money using fake stories about his family and promising to pay up later.

Most of the claims were about David borrowing sums of 50 US dollars (Ksh5,000) or 100 USdollars (Ksh10,000) from different Kenyans in the US through pretenses of helping a family member in distress.

After trending on social media for the better part of the last two days, the comedian finally responded with a long post to clear the air.

Shockingly, he blamed society for pressurizing celebrities like him to live beyond their means.

“Hello, I have spent time reading this, and some of it is true (The borrowing of Money) But I have never told anyone my dad has cancer. Coming here (America), made me realize life isn’t what we see and think there’s a dollar tress falling and people catch. Being here for a couple of months has made me appreciate the hard work most of you guys (Kenyans in America) work so hard to take care of your families and live the American dream. I apologise to anybody and everyone those I borrowed and those who lent me and I’ve not refunded. I take full responsibility and I am shamed” read part of the long post.