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Full house tour of the late Kelvin Kiptum’s furnished home

By Winnie Mabel February 23rd, 2024 2 min read

The house the government ordered contractors to construct within 7 days for the late athlete Kelvin Kiptum is now complete.

Photos of the house emerged since construction began to its furnishing; and handed over to Kiptum’s family hours to his burial on Friday, February 23, 2024. The house is largely constructed of steel beams, cement boards and plywood with a suspended foundation and iron sheet roofing.

The house spots rather large floor to ceiling windows that have no burglar proof grills on them as is common in majority of Kenyan homes.

Inside, as one walks into the house that has since gone viral, a visitor walks into an open plan living room and kitchen space. The main theme of the living room is beige- seen in the couch, carpet, throw pillows and curtains hanging on the main windows that double up as a wall towards the back.

The interior showing rooms of the house built by the government for Kelvin Kiptum’s family. PHOTO: COURTESY

Off to the side is a simple, small kitchen in black and white theme with a grey backsplash at the sink area. The kitchen appears to be an afterthought considering the limited counter space and rather short kitchen island that is divided in two to fit in a four burner gas cooker. It appears squeezed in to a corner in the larger living room area.

To one side of the house is the master bedroom, carrying along the beige pink theme on the curtains and a single seat couch paired off with wood finish brown floors for his widow. On the other end of the house is what is believed to be the children’s bedroom which has been furnished with a double decker for the late Kiptum’s two children.

The house also has an indoor bathroom/shower which spots high quality finishing from the sink area to the toilet and shower itself. The theme in this room is dove grey walls, charcoal grey flooring and white amentias.

The government announced the construction of the house after it emerged the deceased had no house but had plans to build a home for his family. President William Ruto then ordered for a house to be completed within a week before he was buried.

In many traditions, men cannot be buried if they do not have a structure in their rural home to call their houses. It is unheard of.

Commonly, houses in Kenya are build of stone, bricks and steel and hard wood. It is rather rare to have a home constructed using steel and plywood as seen with the late Kiptum’s house.

The government is also constructing a house for the deceased’s father.

Kiptum died on Feruary 11, 2024, in a single vehicle incident. He was in the company of his Rwandan coach and a female passenger. It is believed he lost control of the vehicle and it rolled before it crashed into a tree. Kiptum and his coach died at the scene while the female passenger escaped with injuries.

To the coach’s family, the Kenyan government gave his family Sh 5,000,000 as he was buried earlier this week. Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba was present at his funeral in Rwanda.

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