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Gachagua’s view on Mudavadi’s foreign trips

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has sensationally suggested Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi is an errand boy in President William Ruto’s government.

In a video trending online, the DP is seen and heard also suggesting that Mr Mudavadi’s recent official trips outside the country do not carry much political and economic value in the scheme of things.

“I have heard people suggesting that Musalia is doing my job,” said the DP.

“They are saying that Musalia is the one going to Nigeria, while I have been handed the ordinary jobs of fighting alcohol and drug abuse. I want to assure you that if I travel abroad, I have to come back with something. I am not motivated to travel just to see another president being sworn in.”

Gachagua also explained he had asked President Ruto for the job description that suits him.

“I told the president to leave me here (in Kenya) to fight alcoholism,” Gachagua asserted.

Gachagua emphasized that if he were to participate in events outside the country, they would need to hold genuine significance, aligning with his priorities and issues he is passionate about.

The DP’s remarks come amidst ongoing political dynamics and speculations surrounding his role and responsibilities within the political landscape.

Prime Cabinet secretary Musalia Mudavadi has increasingly garnered attention for his frequent trips abroad, including ro Burundi, Angola and Nigeria, leading to allegations of encroachment on Gachagua’s domain.

In December, 2022 the Prime Cabinet secretary attended the Commonwealth Trade and Investment Summit in London. Five months later he was in Abuja to represent President Ruto at the inauguration of Nigeria’s new President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Gachagua and Mudavadi have been viewed in public as political rivals.

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