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Gideon Moi vows to ‘protect’ Baringo residents if elected

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has assured residents in his country their interests will be protected as he seeks re-election for the third time.

The senator assured residents not to be worried about the regime change next month, noting he will continue to articulate issues affecting them.

“Nothing will happen to you because your son is there whose work is to ensure the interests will be well-articulated . . . please don’t let this chance slip your hands,” said the senator, in Baringo North on Sunday.

Senator Moi also hinted the national government will distribute relief food to the Kenyans in need from next week.

“I inquired and have been assured that the maize will be shipped to our country by next week, and locals will receive the food,” added the senator.

He noted that he championed the tarmacking of the Riwo-Seretunin –Talai- Kasisit-Kipcherere road linking Baringo North, Baringo Central and Baringo South will continue with various road projects.

“Don’t you want other road projects? Who else can deliver on these projects? Is it me? I humbly plead with you to re-elect me on August 8,” said Kanu party boss.

Senator Moi is facing off with the outgoing Baringo North MP William Cheptumo of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) among other candidates.

“We have a lot of work ahead to do. Firstly, I will continue to champion for youth to get jobs. Soon you will hear what I have been doing. What we are championing is we want to ensure that everyone is not left behind,” explained the senator.

Mr Moi intensified the campaigns in the county even as he defends the senatorial seat during the general polls set for next month.

Senator Moi said he will continue to fix developmental projects in the county that include the issuance of title deeds.

County Women Representative Gladwel Tungo urged the local community not to abandon the senator, saying that he will champion for issues.

“In Baringo we have only one strong leader and let us continue supporting him even though we respect all leaders. I am pleading to residents to continue supporting him,

“For the sake of the future of our community and the children, let us calculate and focus on the future. The day we will not have a strong leader, it will be a very disappointing situation,” she added.

Last week on Friday, the senator officially launched his re-election bid at his backyard and has been crisscrossing the county.

The senator is one of those leaders in the Azimio One Kenya Coalition, and over the weekend attended a coalition rally in Siaya County.