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Gilad is deeply in love but home alone in ‘Mawingu’ – VIDEO

Diplomat-turned-musician Gilad Millo dropped his newest track titled Mawingu in mid-May to a warming reception from his fans who were yet to hear anything from him for the better part of this year.

The song is a sweet love ballad of a guy sitting alone at home waiting for the return of his girl.


He has prepared a delicious meal and has the dinning table laid out for his woman, she is nowhere to be sen.

The new song is the 20th track Gilad has released since he ventured into singing Swahili, much better than most indigenous Kenyan artistes.

The video, which was shot in a well decorated home, shows Gilad portraying the image of a young man who is head over heels.

The song speaks to every single boy/girl who is at home alone and their partner is far away due to the curfew and lockdown.

Speaking during a recent live TV interview, Gilad recalled that the last time he was on stage performing infront of a big crowd was back in January.

“What I miss most is feeling the energy from the crowd while performing on stage and I hope soon I get to perform infront of our fans,” he said.

He said staying indoors recently due to the global coronavirus pandemic has inspired him to write new songs.

“Being cooked up in the house for the past few months has brought out my creativity and I have some new tracks. I have also been doing abit of farming and both have been keeping me busy,” he said.


The new song Mawingu, which barely a month old, already has more than 110,000 views and has been drawing some positive vibe from Gilad’s fans on social media.

“Niko single lakini huu wimbo unafanya mtu atamani baby acome home… kwanza pa kutamani kuskia ukibisha,” commented @Wenani.

“This is sooo deep. Had missed you Gilad?. This makes me wanna call my ex. But my ego is still alive???,” said @Marcy Rommy.

“Beautiful song!!! Soul soothing… I don’t understand Swahili but I can tell that this song is amazing!!!! The tune is lit, the vocal is on point… From Nigeria ????????????,” @Omoseyindemi Omowunmi commented.