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Questions KOT are asking after NTSA issues AG Githu Muigai with new smart driving license

Kenyans online are not amused after the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) issued Attorney General Githu Muigai with the new smart driving license.

The authority has been piloting the new smart driving license among some users before they roll out issuance to the general public.

NTSA shared a photo of Githu receiving his smart license but Kenyans on Twitter wondered when the AG would ever be required to produce it.

They faulted the authority stating that piloting should have been done among ordinary Kenyans who drive everyday.

Others suggested that if government officials have to be part of the piloting their drivers would be the most suitable recipients.

@wfayzah wondered, “Does the AG drive himself? Why not give his driver?”

@Naftali_Kagrass suggested, “How about you test some of them with ongata line matatu drivers. That way you’ll test all parameters; eg fines, suspensions, etc.”

@Nikes2017 questioned, “Hii pilot stage lazima ifanywe na wadosi? How about you do it with any ordinary Kenyan for example eeeeeh, me?”

@Wahitoz tweeted, “Vile Githu muigai anashikilia hiyo DL nikama anashuku hata pewa Cha ukweli….si chamama chababa!!!!!??? Ni chaukweli?”

@felixjura1 stated, “…while some of us haven’t received our DL since July.”