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‘God is still writing your love story’, Rev Natasha tells Holy Dave

Renowned Kenyan pastor Rev Lucy Natasha has assured hip-hop gospel artiste Holy Dave, that God has someone tailored for him.

It all started when Reverend Natasha shared a video with her husband, Prophet Stanley Carmel, walking while holding hands.

“God will send the right person that is tailor fit for you into your life at the right time,” she captioned the video.

To which Holy Dave, “What if God delays?

“Delay is not denial; God has someone tailor fit for your life. The President of Pal Nation, God is still writing your love story so tulia tu,” Rev Natasha replied.

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How gospel artiste Holy Dave turned his cooking hobby into business

Over the years, netizens have been wondering what the hip-hop gospel artiste considers his ideal woman.

This is mainly because Holy Dave’s relationship status remains a mystery, even as he continues to parade different women on his social media platforms to build a “pal nation.”

“She passed by to say hi and she is just a pal” are the two phrases that never misses from his posts about his female friends.

Holy Dave has a huge female following online because of his culinary skills that came to light when corona hit.

“I started cooking by mistake. Coronavirus came and then there I am. I’m like I wanna make a meal and I don’t have content for Instagram. So I’m like why don’t I take this one and a half-hour that I’m making this chicken and convert it into constructive time,” Holy Dave told Nairobi News in a previous interview.