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Gospel rapper Collo opens up about his past addiction to masturbation

Gospel rapper Collo says he regrets having being addicted to masturbation when he was a young man.

Speaking during a candid radio interview on Radio Maisha, Collo said that masturbation is a serious problem, but luckily for him he was able to overcome it.

The Bazokizo hit maker shared the secret after being probed by the show hosts Mwende and Clemo who asked him to state what he regrets most in his life.

“Masturbation. Unajuwa masturbation ni altar ingine crazy juu, maaze wasee wengi wanalostia huko joh. And of course hakuna vile unaweza masturbate without being addicted to porn. Na unajuwa porn inakumess up men, juu unawacha kuangalia madem kama madem unaanza kuwaangalia kama objects,” Collo said.


“Masturbation ni horrible porn ni horrible siwezi wish mtu akuwe kwa kitu kama hiyo. But ukiwa filled with the Holy Spirit you can concur anything,” he added.

Collo who is formerly of the Kleptomaniax group turned from singing secular music to gospel songs in 2016.

He said that he decided to get born again after going through some challenges in his life that made his relationship with God to be redefined.

Since getting saved Collo has release gospel hits such as Bazikizo and Jijue.