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Granny accused of petty theft released after weeks in remand

January 7th, 2016 1 min read


An 87-year-old woman who has been languishing in remand for more than one month, for allegedly stealing two plastic chairs worth Sh 800 each, has finally secured her freedom.

This was only after the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Keriako Tobiko and Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko moved in to ensure her release from Migori GK Prison.

Risper Ongwena had to spend the entire festive season in remand while waiting for the court to determine her innocence.

According to her daughter, her grandson is the one who allegedly stole the chairs and left them at her house and took off which led to the arrest of the 87 year old granny.

The daughter also said that they failed to get their granny released because they could not make the Sh 5000 bail or get money to hire a lawyer to represent her.


Keriako Tobiko issued an order for the case to be dismissed and the matter be settled out of court.

On his part, Sonko wrote on his Facebook page: “My special thanks go to the DPP Mr Keriako Tobiko for ordering the prosecution to immediately release the granny but by the time the said verbal orders were issued the prosecution had not received the confirmation release documents of the same this forced my team to pay a cash bail of 5000/= which was imposed by the court.”

The senator, who is known for his philanthropic gestures, promised to cater for the woman’s medical expenses in addition to buying her personal items.

She was taken to a private clinic in Migori for checkup before being taken her house.