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H_Art The Band’s Mordecai sets the record straight over Sol Generation deal

Speculation surrounding Mordecai ‘Dex’ Mwini’s recent signing with Sauti Sol’s record label, Sol Generation, has prompted the founding member of H_Art The Band to clarify the band’s unity.

Rumors swirled after Sol Generation announced the signing of the singer-songwriter and producer to their publishing label on a three-year deal.

The revelation left fans questioning the status of H_Art The Band, with many speculating about Mordecai’s departure.

In response, Mordecai took to social media to address the speculation directly, assuring fans that H_Art The Band remains intact and active.

In a heartfelt video shared online, he expressed gratitude for the support and clarified his ongoing commitment to the band.

“First of all, thank you for all the congratulatory messages you guys have been sending me. I appreciate it, and in the same light, I have realized that there have been rumors going around that Mordecai Dex has left H_Art The Band,” Mordecai stated.

“I thought it very necessary to come here and clarify that, so I have not left H_Art The Band. H_Art The Band is very much alive, and we are working on new music that you guys need to watch out for,” he affirmed.

Mordecai went on to explain the nature of his partnership with Sol Generation, emphasizing that it is primarily a distribution agreement for his solo work as a songwriter and producer.

“What I signed was a publishing contract, and what some of you guys don’t know is that I am a songwriter and producer for other artists. There is music that I do outside of H_Art The Band, and that is the catalogue that Sol Generation is going to be handling for me,” he clarified.

The influence of the acclaimed singer-songwriter extends far beyond his performances.

He frequently engages in collaborations with established artists and contributes his songwriting prowess to their work.

He also actively mentors aspiring musicians, nurturing talent and fostering growth within the music industry.

Recently, he took on the role of performance coach for the Press Play Artist Development Program organized by Sol Generation.

This initiative aimed to provide emerging artists with the necessary skills and guidance to thrive in the music industry.

“Through his soulful melodies and deep-rooted appreciation for cultural expression, Dex endeavors to inspire and cultivate meaningful connections using the universal language of music and art,” stated Sol Generation Publishing.

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