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Harmonize ex-lover Wolper’s advise to women in toxic relationships

Popular Tanzanian actress Jacqueline Wolper, whose nasty breakup with Harmonize made headlines, has stirred debate with her unconventional advice directed at ladies pursuing marriage.

Wolper, a mother of two, emphasised the importance of emotional maturity and comfort in marital relationships.

Wolper is married to fashion designer Rich Mtindo

In her recent candid post, Wolper addressed unmarried women, cautioning them not to merely pray for marriage but to seek a husband who respects and honours them.

“Pray hat the husband you will get, will not embarrass you every day,” she pointed out.

Additionally, she advised praying for the offspring not to inherit negative traits from their father, so that they can become sources of comfort.

For those already married and facing mistreatment, Wolper encouraged them not to endure suffering silently.

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Previously, Wolper expressed her willingness to tolerate her husband’s infidelity with other women, provided that he takes precautions by using protection.

“If possible, I have already told him to use protection. And not to cheat with cheap girls. Let him cheat a bit with high-class people. I mean, let him be a proper gentleman. It’s essential to respect yourself, respect your body, your organs, and then cheat in a slightly more discreet manner. Even if your woman is told, she will say maybe he followed a certain thing here,” she said.

In 2022, she defended her husband after reports surfaced that he had a secret child with another woman.

The actress defended him saying she knew nothing of the sort.

She added that either way her husband was healthy and capable of siring children and that wasn’t a bad thing.

“Regarding the issue of a third child with someone else, I can’t speak on that because I know nothing about it,” Wolper said.

“Besides, a child is innocent. He is a man, if he gave me two kids, what can stop him from having a third?”

She said people should wait for her husband’s side of the story.

“If there is a child out there it will be revealed soon. But I must say as a married woman that is an issue I can’t comment much on because I know the pain of bringing forth a child,” Wolper said.

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