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Has Nameless finally cut his dreadlocks?

October 12th, 2015 1 min read

Kenyan musician Nameless on Monday pranked some of his fans into believing that he had cut his trademark dreadlocks.

Nameless posted on Instagram a picture of what looked like a clean-shaven head with the caption: “Haiya , … bald or dreads?”

The comments then started pouring in from his fans, most who were disappointed.

An Instagram user jeg_mat wrote: “Siku moja uta stick zile fake,dio mafans wakutambue na kuzimis….” while keanekyalo said, “Bald. But stick to your dreads. Please.”

Another user fridah_bosslady said: “Am a dissapointed fan. .i loved your dreads@namelesskenya,” with roykaruhize advising, “Ngai, you should do in stages.”

Others commenting on the post were equyally disappointed. Liz Mburu said: “Whaaaaaaaaaat oh God don’t tell me your dreads are out…..ohhh nee.”

Rimantolitoh wrote: “Dreads any day,any time… U more cute in them!… #celebritycrush!” while deckpozkapoz weighed in, “U look skeleton woow afadhali dreads.”

Hours later, the singer posed for a video with his daughter Nyakio showing the ‘clean-shaven’ head before he released the decades-old dread locks from behind and remarked: “Siwezi nyoa (loseely translates to ‘I can’t shave’).” The two then burst out in laughter.