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Hellon: Quincy Timberlake is to blame for Esther Arunga’s troubles

Controversial jazz artiste, Joseph Hellon, has come out in the open to absolve himself from blame over the dramatic turn of events in the life of former TV presenter Esther Arunga.

The Finger of God preacher is instead pointing an accusing finger at Ms Arunga’s husband Quincy Timberlake for the former media personality’s troubles.

“Esther was doing fine and a big star until this Quincy guy came along. He was not a member of my church, he joined a little later. But two weeks after he joined everything went weird, the media was all over us and we got arrested,” said Helon during an interview on NTV’s The Trend on Friday.

Hellon also claims that at the time he was mentoring and coaching the TV presenter on success, and that she became a big person while she was in his church contrary to reports that things went wrong when she joined them.

According to the jazz artiste, two weeks after Quincy joined the church things started going wrong and the couple got arrested.

He further went on to say that Esther and Quincy both share blame, since Esther is an adult and can choose the life she wants.


“I think Esther should fix her life the way I and my wife and children have. she is an adult and she had a choice to walk out of the mess if she wanted to,” said Hellon.

Hellon’s revelation is the latest piece of detail on the troubled life of Ms Arunga, who until joining the Finger of God church in 2009 was a celebrated TV presenter.

That same year, Ms Arunga became engaged to an elder of the church, but in early 2010 called off the engagement and moved out of her parents’ house to live in a church-owned mansion with Hellon, his wife, and other church members.

In February 2010, she resigned from her job as a news anchor at KTN and together with Hellon, and Timberlake announced the formation of political party.

Having been arrested and released alongside Hellon and other people associated with the church for running an unregistered association, Ms Arunga got married to Timberlake in March 2010 while the latter was still in custody

Arunga and Timberlake later relocated to Australia where their troubled lives took a turn for the worst in June 2014 when one of their two sons died under unclear circumstances which the couple reported as an accident at their home.

Timberlake was arrested and charged with the murder of the child while Ms Arunga charged as an accessory to the murder.