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Here is why top students are ignoring studying law, according to KOT

Flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir is disgruntled at the few number of top KCSE students who want to study law.

Mr Kipkorir’s sentiments were prompted by Education Secretary George Magoha’s announcement on Monday that most of ‘A’ students prefer studying science-oriented courses like surgery, engineering, dental surgery, industrial chemistry, actuarial science and pharmacy.

Other popular course include economics, computer science, engineering, quantity surveying, agriculture and bio systems, financial engineering and education.

Mr Kipkorir  didn’t hide his disappoint and probed for answers why top students are not enthusiastic about studying law anymore.

“For so long, A Students wanted to study Law. It was the most prestigious Degree Course. Today, only SIX A Students chose Law … Is it an indictment on the way lawyers who are barely 2 Years in Practice have made it a bar brawl instead of calling to the Bar?” asked city lawyer Donald Kipkorir.

Kenyans on Twitter appeared to have had ready answers for him. They did not shy to school himwhy the profession has lost its glory.

“Law is the most overrated profession. Just because someone passed History and CRE,” said @waithakka.

“By the time one is done making money in law, one’s soul is black. Students have seen this and they are protecting their souls,” wrote @fishtear.

“Law has become saturated and once done, you’re not guaranteed of a job or good pay,” commented @iamquagmire.

“When lawyers started representing every rascal and villain in court for a little penny, the profession lost its glory,” stated @CPAkipkemoi.

“Law is becoming a torture, transition from law school to the bar very few make it, payment for first year advocates is also demoralizing….that said Law as a profession should be a calling,” said another user

“A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns. ~ Mario Puzo,” said @wakilimutichilo.

“The truth is it is expensive to study law. A medical student gets gov’t sponsorship for the whole duration (6+ years) of their studies. A law student will only receive government sponsorship halfway. After that, they’ve to raise 200k plus for KSL and then there is PUPILLAGE!” wrote @mosrotich.