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High school students prefer sex, drugs, clubbing during holidays – Research

A new research has revealed shocking details on how high school students prefer to spend their holidays.

According to a poll by Trends and Insights for Africa (TIFA) released on Thursday and carried out on secondary school students in Nairobi and Kiambu counties, 6 out of 10 students spend their time going to clubs during the holidays.

A similar number prefer to visit their boyfriends and girlfriends with 2 out of 10 admitted that they will engage in sexual activities.

“High school students intend to go out to clubs, visit their boyfriends and girlfriends and have sex with them over the holidays,” said Tifa.

The research also revealed that 25 percent of the students have engaged in sexual intercourse with a majority of them being male. Students start engaging in sex at the tender age of 13 years, the report further revealed.


The research, which was carried out between January 25, 2019 to April 3, 2019, involved finding out how teenagers in the country perceive leadership and governance, their knowledge on reproductive health and their relationship with their parents.

The new research also revealed that media is the main source of information about sex, with internet – films and videos – being top of the list.

More than half the students said they have watched pornographic content with 6 being male students and 4 out of 10 being female.

Parents and religious leaders are not majorly considered as a preferred source of information on sex so were school teachers.


Half the students have had a discussion on sexual related matters at least once in the past 12 months with female students seen to have discussed more than males. The students mostly have discussions with their parents – either father, mother or both -, according to the research.

Tifa’s research also found out that females have more knowledge on someone who has been involved in same sex relationships compared to males and majority of the students having an idea what safe sex is.

Male students (60 percent) are more knowledgeable on contraceptives compared to female students (47 percent).

43 percent of the students know someone who engaged in sex during the holidays, with the male students (48 percent) having more knowledge than the female students (30 percent).

At least 33 percent of the students interviewed had no idea that having unprotected sex once can result in pregnancy with 60 percent of the students have knowledge about the possibility of 1st time sex pregnancy.