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Holidays are here: Here’s 5 unique approaches to shedding that body weight

By Winnie Mabel November 6th, 2023 2 min read

The holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving (in the western world), Christmas, Boxing day, New Years and every other holiday in between. This is often a festive time and many people either gather or globe trot to celebrate with family and friends. Food and drinks are in plenty- and so is the body weight if one is not careful about how much they consume.

During this time, some people also want to look good body wise. They want great pictures of themselves in fashionable outfits at various destinations. Some people gym 10 months and spend the last two months enjoying how their bodies look while some people wake up to the realization they have no time to get in shape for those great Instagram photos.

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So how can one go about losing this weight if they don’t have time for the gym? Here are some unconventional means one can use to shed the weight just in time for great New Year’s even photos:

  1. Release endorphins in your body- According to the Cleveland Clinic, endorphins are the brain’s fell-good neurotransmitters. Endorphin is released as a response to the body feeling pain or stress and it blocks the nerve cells that receive the pain signals. In addition to this, endorphins have many benefits to the body including helping in weight loss. The hormone does this by regulating one’s appetite as it determines how one feels when they view food and evaluate their eating behaviors. If one feels too good about certain foods, they are at risk of binge eating but if they feel they can handle their eating behaviors to prevent weight gain, then it helps in weight loss over time. To release this hormone, one should do activities that make them feel good such as having sex, swimming, yoga, dancing, hiking, eating dark chocolate, laugh with friends and massages among others.
  2. Mouthwash before meals- Rinsing your mouth with a sugar-free mouthwash before a meal can make food taste less appealing, potentially leading to smaller food portions and fewer calories consumed.
  3. Fidgeting- Incorporating more fidgeting or non-exercise movement into your day can increase the amount of calories burned. Simple activities like tapping your feet, pacing while on the phone, taking the stairs over elevators and 15 minute walks can add up calories burned over time.
  4. Blue plates and lighting-Using blue plates for your meals and dining in rooms lit with blue-toned lighting may subconsciously reduce appetite. Blue is believed to be an appetite-suppressing color.
  5. Eating in front of a mirror- Some studies suggest that eating in front of a mirror can make you more conscious of your food choices and portion sizes, leading to healthier eating habits.

Are you now ready to get on these unconventional and much cheaper weight loss options over expensive gyms and weight loss procedures such as gastric balloons? Great New Year Instagram photos loading, right?