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How Akothee ignored Miguna’s advice on ‘Omosh’

Renowned singer and controversial figure, Akothee, has embarked on a journey of healing after her marriage with Dennis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer came to an end.

In an unexpected turn of events, she has extended an apology to lawyer Miguna Miguna, acknowledging his previous advice on her union with Denis Schweizer.

The mother of five openly admitted, “After God, women fear Miguna. Sorry for being rude, bro. I was in love, and I meant well.”

This reconciliation came months after a public dispute between Akothee and Miguna over the legitimacy of Akothee’s husband, Denis Schweizer.

Miguna voiced his concerns shortly after Akothee’s lavish wedding at the Windsor Hotel.

Responding to a tweet by Francis Muli, who expressed curiosity about Akothee’s husband and the absence of online information about him, Miguna wrote:

“A bright red flag. I hope she has a prenup and a will. Wishing her well.”

At the time, Akothee vehemently defended her husband, Denis Schweizer, also known as ‘Omosh,’ against Miguna’s comments.

In a Twitter response, Miguna stated, “A bright red flag. I hope she has a prenup and a will. Wishing her well” after a tweet by one Francis Muli, who expressed curiosity about Akothee’s husband, saying there is no information about him online.

Akothee didn’t mince her words in her response to Miguna Miguna, asserting that she married for love and not for wealth, highlighting her independence.

“My husband is giving men sleepless nights! I can’t marry a nobody, and if that were the case, I would have done it a long time ago! I am hot and sexy; therefore, I attract the likes of Omosh. I can’t marry for wealth; I have my own… If wealth was a question, I rejected 3 proposals from not only rich but (also) a billionaire!” she passionately declared on Instagram.

On October 31, 2023, Akothee addressed her relationship status, confirming the decision to end her marriage.

She revealed that the breakup had occurred during their honeymoon in July 2023 when Omosh realized that there were aspects of their relationship he couldn’t tolerate.

“Omosh is not the first man in my life. So, from today henceforth, know that it is done and dusted with Omosh. I walked out of the relationship back in June. I normally walk out of a relationship when I am still in the relationship. When we were on honeymoon, I found out some things that I could not keep up with, and then he asked me if I would dump him, and I said no, ‘I love you.’ When I was living in Switzerland in July 2023, at the airport, he asked me, ‘will you leave me?’ I said no, honey, I love you, but for sure, I had already left,” Akothee candidly explained.

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