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How ex-BBC presenter Ciru Muriuki ‘dated’ a married man on Tinder

Former BBC reporter Ciru Muriuki recently shared her experience on Tinder, a popular dating app. 

During her appearance on the ‘Iko Nini’ Podcast, she narrated her three-month stint on the platform, which led her to a date with a charming man from Burkina Faso.

Ciru was initially skeptical about his authenticity, fearing he might be “catfishing” her with false photos.

However, to her surprise, the man turned out to be genuine, appearing as he did in the pictures.

Unfortunately, this exciting encounter took a disappointing turn when she discovered that the man was already married.

“I was on Tinder for three months. I even went on a date with a man from Burkina Faso, he was so handsome I even thought he was catfishing me. But when we met I realized he was the same person I had seen in photos. I later came to learn that he was married,” said the journalist. 

Ciru’s experience highlights the often deceiving nature of online dating, where people may use misleading information or engage in dishonest behavior.

She further commented on the shamelessness of some individuals, citing instances where people even use their wedding photos as profile pictures while actively pursuing others on the platform.

“People are so shameless, someone might have his wedding photo as a profile photo na they still pursue you,” she remarked. 

Barely a month ago, the celebrated media personality left her fans in awe after she shared before and after photos of herself flaunting an impressive weight loss stint. 

In a post on social media, Ciru Muriuki detailed how far she had come in the weight loss journey. The amazing transformation started in early February after realizing she had put on too much weight, and sharing in a post she said; 

“Hey! Look at me. This wasn’t me in December. Swipe to see who I was 6 months ago. Pretty big change, right?”

The former BBC journalist then went on to add that it had reached a point she wouldn’t look at herself in the mirror due to the weight.

“When that pic of me was taken last Dec, I was shaken. I could not understand how I had gotten to that size. Then on top of that, my health had begun to suffer. My joints hurt, and I could not go up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. Let’s not even talk about my mental health. My confidence was in the toilet and I hated looking in the mirror,” Ciru opened up.

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