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How Kenyan woman in Saudi Arabia was scammed Sh2million by her daughter

By Nyaboga Kiage January 19th, 2023 2 min read

A single mother of two has painfully narrated how she toiled in Saudi Arabia and sent home Sh2 million which she was planning to start a business with only to find that she had been scammed by her own daughter.

Ms Jane Wambui Mburu, a single mother of two, says was shocked when she jetted back into the country only to find that the money she saved for nine years was not available.

When Ms Mburu left Kenya nine years ago, she rented for her two children a house in Kiambu town and asked her daughter to take care of her younger brother.

“My daughter was later blessed with a son. So I usually paid school fees for my son and grandson. When I realised that I will no longer stay in Saudi Arabia because of my age and nature of work, I decided to come home,” she recounted.

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Ms Mburu kept on asking her daughter whether everything was okay and the latter constantly reassured her that all was well.

It is only when she came back home in December last year that she realised her daughter had been misusing the money with her boyfriend.

Ms Mburu says it also emerged that the daughter took a car on loan and deposited Sh500,000 and agreed with the sellers that she would be depositing Sh62,500 a month.

Apparently, the daughter started a taxi business with the car in the hope of recouping the cash she had spent on purchasing it.

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“She said that three months down the line she received only Sh10,000 from her friend driver who has been using the car. She also told me that the driver kept on telling her that business was not doing well,” Ms Mburu said.

When the daughter shared her predicament with the boyfriend, Ms Mburu says the man told her daughter to take it from the driver and park it at her house.

Now Ms Mburu says she is so stressed and depressed since she does not even have school fees.

“I had planned to start business here in Kiambu and also pay school for my children, as we speak even money to buy food is a problem,” she said, adding that all her daughter is saying was that she was very sorry.

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