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How live listening party of Brian Kinoti’s ‘Little Messages’ went down

Songwriter and lover of art, Brian Kinoti Kinyua on Thursday evening gave his fans an acoustic, melodious live hearing of his new EP Album Little Messages. This was before the dropping of this album later that night.

During the event, the singer said that while Little Messages remains his greatest projects so far, there is much more to come from him.

“I feel like each of the projects just weighs something for me in that specific time. So I wouldn’t say that there’s one that carries more weight than the other,” Kinoti said.

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“This has been my most active year performing live. I think it’s the year I pushed myself to get into performing,” he explained.

Kinoti further said the aim of the listening party was give his fans an opportunity to sample the project and the behind the scenes performances for them to experience it for the first time live.

Sharing the overarching concept behind his new album, the songwriter spoke about the ideology behind the making of the project.

“It is a combination of the human experience, a combination of things that someone experiences when in love. Should it be spirituality or fight with themselves, as self-growth and just the whole 360 of what love could be,” he said.

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Kinoti described his song writing as a process of trying to understand what RnB and Afro Soul means to him. The singer said he is trying to expose himself as far as his feelings are concerned and that he hopes to fuse RnB and Afro Soul

The songwriter believes the album is an overstretch of what one wishes to express but they cannot echo it out loud.

“The title Little Messages is very intentional because I want someone to feel, if there’s something you’re afraid to say, there’s a song that completely says it. If you feel love, you can listen to the song and be like, if I don’t know how to express love, I can very clearly send this song to you and it will show you exactly what I want to mean,” Kinoti explained.

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