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How much of your digital information is at risk?

In today’s digital age, concerns over data privacy have reached new heights, spurred by alarming data breaches.

But just how much of your personal information do the apps you use daily collect?

Alan, a digital privacy advocate and contributor at Increditools delves into this pressing issue by investigating the data collection practices of top apps.

Alan’s analysis focused on the top 40 apps from the App Store’s Top Apps Chart, pinpointing eight crucial pieces of data collected by each app, including contact info, usage data, and financial information.

However, Alan stresses the importance of users scrutinizing privacy policies before hitting that download button.

He highlights the significance of exploring the app’s privacy section to understand how user data is collected, stored, and potentially shared with third parties.

“This often-overlooked area holds valuable insights into how user data is collected, stored, and potentially shared with third parties. By making this a routine practice, savvy users empower themselves to make informed decisions about the apps they welcome into their digital lives,” Alan says.

Understanding what data apps collect, why they collect it, and who they share it with is paramount.

Alan warns against apps like Vinted and Shein, known for their extensive data-gathering practices, which could lead to personal information being sold to advertisers or used for targeted marketing.

When assessing app trustworthiness, Alan advises users to review terms of service, research developers’ reputations, and scrutinize permissions requested during installation. Prioritizing apps with robust security measures, like encryption, and staying informed about data privacy developments are crucial steps in safeguarding personal information.

For example, 52 percent of apps share your data with third parties.

The biggest offenders are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Uber Eats sharing 79%, 57%, 50%, and 50% of your data with third parties, respectively.

On the other hand, 80% of apps collect your data to use for their benefit. Facebook, Instagram, and Klarna collect the most data to market their services, at 86%, 86%, and 64% respectively.

Food delivery apps like GrubHub and UberEats collect a surprising amount of data and are some of the worst when it comes to collecting data for internal marketing purposes.

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