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How notorious ‘fake cop’ robber was nabbed by undercover detectives

By Nyaboga Kiage October 18th, 2023 2 min read

Locals in Kayole, Nairobi County, have been living in fear due to a wave of robberies perpetrated by men dressed in full police uniforms.

The alarming reports were primarily filed at the Obama Police Station, prompting officers attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to devise a plan to apprehend the criminals responsible.

Undercover police officers were deployed to initiate a manhunt for these individuals. Their diligent efforts culminated in the successful arrest of two suspects on Tuesday, October 17, 2023.

The main suspect has been identified as Musa Mutinda, with authorities considering him the mastermind behind these impersonations.

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A confidential source within the DCI, intimately acquainted with the matter but unauthorised to speak to the media, recounted the operation’s details.

“The hawk-eyed plain cloth police officers then made the decision to enter a club within Obama area with one of the victims. Moments later the victim identified one of the men who was quickly arrested,” the officer told Nairobi News.

The suspects then led the officers to Mr Mutinda’s residence. During a subsequent search, a stash of police uniforms was discovered inside a sack.

The recovered items included three blue shirts bearing sergeant chevrons, one jungle trouser, one smoke jacket, one ceremonial jacket, one beret with a head badge, one jungle strap, one multipurpose belt, a sling, a numeral number, a cane stick, and a cap peak head badge.

Investigators believe that these uniforms were stolen from a specific police facility.

Adamson Bungei, the Nairobi County police boss, urged anyone who had fallen victim to these criminal acts to come forward and report their experiences at any police station.

The arrested suspects are set to appear in court facing multiple charges.

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