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Diana Marua on grand wedding: ‘I’ve dated, been used and dumped’

Diana Marua has opened up about her life’s trials and her heartfelt aspirations ahead of this momentous occasion.

Bahati’s recent celebration of their traditional ceremony, known as Ruracio, marked a significant step in the couple’s journey to solidify their commitment.

The colorful event attended by close family and friends inspired Diana to reflect on her past, the hardships she has endured, and the brighter future she envisions alongside her husband.

Taking to her Instagram, Diana shared a poignant message that revealed her journey from challenging beginnings to her current state of grace and fulfillment.

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“If you told me 10 years ago that on this Day 07.10.2023, I’d be celebrating my traditional ceremony, I would probably laugh out loud .”

She candidly revealed that her earlier years were marked by financial difficulties that impeded her education and her family’s housing situation.

She recounted the struggle of negotiating with landlords for more time to pay rent, relying on monthly payments for basic necessities, and navigating the realities of life’s hardships.

“I’ve faced a lot of tough times growing up. I didn’t finish school because there was no money, and begging landlords to give us a few more days was the order of the day. we had a book of mkopo (debts), kwa duka that we would pay monthly, and that was normal for us,” Diana recounted.

She says her journey to financial stability began with humble beginnings, from hawking telecom products to becoming a Mpesa agent.

“I left school, and my first job was hawking Line ya ‘U’ when the long-gone telecom started in Kenya. Then later became a Mpesa agent. I slowly made steps into the commercial world and became an overlooked receptionist, but who is God?”

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Diana also revealed her history of romantic hardships, including toxic relationships, heartbreak, and moments of feeling used and discarded.

“I’ve dated all sorts of men, been used and dumped, been heartbroken, been bartered but all this was preparing me for God’s plan.”

It was in this context that she met Bahati, and her life took a remarkable turn.

“I met @BahatiKenya, and I dropped everyone because, for once, my heart beat differently. The moment I knew we were dating, he has never let go of my hand.”

Diana spoke of their mutual support, the value of compromise, and the importance of standing by each other, even in difficult times.

She expressed her deep gratitude to Bahati for breaking the cycle of broken families and teaching her the true meaning of building a family together.

“We’ve all come from broken families, but thank you for breaking this chain and teaching me what it means to keep a family and fight for each other when the world is against us. You have stood as the head of our House with so much love and dignity,” she said.

Diana’s wishes for her upcoming wedding include an unfulfilled desire for their mothers to witness and celebrate the occasion despite their absence.

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