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How pop culture has influenced Pastor Ng’ang’a and Ezekiel’s preaching

In recent years, the landscape of church preaching has been significantly influenced by the ever-evolving world of pop culture.

Traditionally, sermons were delivered in a more formal and conventional manner, focusing solely on religious doctrine and scripture.

However, today, the dynamics have shifted as pastors and religious leaders are increasingly incorporating elements of pop culture into their sermons.

Below are some instances pop culture has changed how pastors preach:

Pastor Ezekiel Odero

One of the key ways in which pop culture has transformed church preaching is through the use of contemporary references.

For example, Kenyan televangelist Pastor Ezekiel, in August while preaching, touched on some men who impregnate women and end up dumping them with the children. In short, they weaponise pregnancy against the women they date.

During his sermon, Pastor Ezekiel reflected on the challenges faced by those left to raise children alone, referencing a “famous bongo artiste” who has made headlines for his relationships saying he steals women’s stars.

Also Pastor Odero said that women called Diana does not stay in marriages.

“Have you ever seen any Diana married? There is none like this. If you marry Diana live with her, she is the one who guides you like a robot and carries you like this, you will live with Diana, she becomes a man,” Pastor Odero said.

Pastor Ng’ang’a

Just a few days ago, controversial preacher Pastor James Ng’ang’a issued a strong warning to degree holders, advising them to refrain from attending his church.

“Degree holders, don’t come to where I am preaching. Go to your churches where you attend short services of two minutes. You can’t control spiritual matters. Those learned people, let’s respect one another. David was not learned and even the prophets he anointed were not learned,” Ng’ang’a said in a video.

It was also reported that the controversial pastor condemned a congregant who had made a plea to him after contributing a tithe of only Sh500.

“Na mwingine jana alinipatia mia tano akaniambia nikumbuke watoto wake, Nikumbuke wajukuu wake, mia tano?” Ng’ang’a inquired.

In conclusion, the relationship between pop culture and church preaching continues to evolve. The incorporation of contemporary elements has breathed new life into religious discourse, making it more appealing and relevant to diverse audiences.

As society continues to change, so too will the ways in which faith is expressed and shared through the pulpit.